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Prikkdans Faucet Aerator Wrench

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  •  Carbon Steel Alloy Material
Anti-rust and anti-oxidation, carbon steel alloy surface electroplating treatment, high hardness, strong toughness, wear resistance, strong and durable.
  • Thick Rubber Pad
Non-slip and no scratches, thickened rubber pads on both sides are fastened together to prevent damage to the faucet, and it is not easy to slip.
  • Reinforced Screw
The occlusal force is large, and the reinforced screw connection is adopted, the opening is flexible, the occlusal force is stronger, and the occlusal locking position can be easily achieved for the circular bubbler nozzle.
  • Round Handle
Multi-layer electroplating, the surface of the product is smooth, does not hurt your hands, the handle is round and thick, strong and durable.
  • Multi-scene Use

Disassemble the washing machine faucet, disassemble the mop pool faucet, disassemble the basin faucet, disassemble the vegetable basin faucet, etc.


  • Material: High-quality Carbon Steel Alloy + Thick Rubber Pad

  • Surface Technology: Precision Electroplating

  • Color: Silver

  • Weight: 237 g / 0.52 bl

  • Diameter :21.5 - 27 mm / 0.85 - 1.06 Inch.

  • Size: 45 * 172 mm / 1.77 * 6.77 Inches

  • Range Of Use: 21.5-27 mm Outer Diameter External Faucet Disassembly (with Clamping Conditions)

  • How To Use: Clamp The Bubbler & Turn It Clockwise To Loosen
  • 1 * Faucet Aerator Wrench